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Sunny is a director's dream... a powerful - yet unselfish - leading lady, who understands her character's quiet moments are just as important as when she is speaking. She fully embodies her characters, delivering thoroughly-crafted, rich performances. And the positive presence she brings to a set is simply the 'cherry on top'!

--- Kipp Tribble, writer/director/producer - COFFIN and COFFIN 2

Steve Blackman, the writer, and I have just seen 
the first cut of Sunny’s performance (in Las Vegas). 
She is terrific, funny and touching in it. I’m thankful 
for her making such a vibrant contribution to our show.

---- John Badham, Emmy-nominated Director – NBC’s Las Vegas

Sunny has that rare star quality about her, like a 
halo of celebrity. When she enters a room, whether 
on screen or in person, she glows, and you can't help 
but notice her.

--- Dino Donofrino, Director - Season & Renee and Producer - Talk Of The Town

The crown jewel in her (Kattman’s) consummate cast 
was actress Sunny Doench. ‘When she performed, 
she had a radiance that lit up the room and I knew 
she had the charisma to carry the film’.

--- Cannes Film Festival news article

Lead Sunny Doench is fantastic as our beauty-in-crisis.


--- Joel Beers, Journalist – OC Weekly

Sunny Doench’s charisma, vulnerability, and 
comedic timing make her irresistible.


--- DVD cover - Love Thy Neighbor

Sunny is electric onscreen and brings great energy 
to any project, both on and off the set. She has 
a mastery of the craft that I have seen in very few actors, 
but remains natural in her performance. 
Sunny and Peter (Greene) became a great tandem, 
feeding off one another the way it should be done.


--- Alex O. Gaynor, Director - Rush of the Silences / The Gentlemen's Club

You will not find anyone more enthusiastic and passionate 
about the craft of acting than Sunny Doench. In addition to 
talent, Sunny brings an endless amount of energy, patience, 
commitment, and focus to the set. She gives tirelessly to 
the film makers and to her fellow cast members. 
Sunny Doench brings it!


--- M. David Melvin, Co-Director Blue In Green

Sunny Doench has given us a delightful performance, 
displaying a remarkable range of seriousness and comedy.


---Ron Austin, Executive Producer - Blue In Green

Sunny Doench is a joy to work with. She approaches 
a script with great intelligence and makes good, solid 
choices that show a tremendous understanding of story. 
She courageously taps into a wealth of emotion and 
brings it to the surface with grace. She knows what it is 
to be in the moment, and the scene unfurls beautifully 
as a result.


--- Stacey Kattman, Director - (Award Winning Film) Love Thy Neighbor

II've enjoyed her skills, talent and professionalism 
on both movies we've done together.

--- Lance Tracey, Director - Where To Sir? and Forgiven

Sunny Doench has an unquenchable spirit. 
She brings a vibrancy to her characters and 
makes any set a fun place to be.


--- David de Vos, Director - Backlash

As a director, everyday I learn from Sunny. 
Sunny takes a character to levels I would never 
have thought to ask an actor​

--- Adam Doench, Director - iTag Commercial Series, Talk of the Town and The Dating Zone

I told her to bring it. She brought it!


--- Donell Nelson, Director - The Windows Are Closed

Sunny Doench is an exemplary talent as both composer 
and vocalist. She is a first rate stage entertainer. 
Some people are just born to be Hollywood success stories.
Sunny Doench is one of them.


--- Al Bowman, Founder / Executive Producer - L.A. Music Awards

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